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July 2020 Newsletter


Wedding Bells Are Ringing!

Hello everyone, it’s Anna here! Dawn asked me to step in and write this month’s newsletter because I have some big news to share: If everything goes to plan, then next month on Aug. 15, my fiancé, Brian, and I will be tying the knot on the shore of the … CONTINUE READING

Build Stronger Knees Without Surgery

Knee injuries are all too common for professional athletes and weekend warriors alike, but the problem may originate higher than you think. Many knee injuries can be tied to hip weaknesses. Because hip muscles play a big role in controlling the position of the knees, even slight imbalances can lead to problematic knee flexion or … CONTINUE READING

What Should I Wear to Physical Therapy?

When your doctor refers you to a physical therapist after an injury, you may be wondering what you should wear to your appointments. If you’ve never been to physical therapy before, it’s natural not to know what to expect — much less what to wear while …CONTINUE READING

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