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November 2020

Advanced Practice Physical Therapy


3 Thanksgiving Mistakes I Won’t Make This Year

Do you ever fall into bed at the end of the day and think, “Man, if only I could do today all over again?” That’s how I felt last Thanksgiving, which was my very first Thanksgiving in Great Falls. As you might remember, we had a big snowstorm just before Turkey Day that covered all the roads with snow and ice. My boyfriend, Adam, and I were planning a road trip to North Dakota to visit his family for the holiday, but … CONTINUE READING

What Is Family Burnout?

According to one study from 2018, over half of all parents surveyed were experiencing some form of burnout (i.e., exhaustion, cynicism, lack of professional satisfaction, etc.) — and that was before the pandemic. Now, as the world enters the eighth month of the coronavirus pandemic, many parents are working from home or dealing with … CONTINUE READING

How to Measure Your Oxygen Uptake

Unless you’re a seasoned endurance athlete, you probably don’t know exactly what a VO2 max score is — but understanding it can benefit athletes at all levels. In short, your VO2 max score (also known as maximal oxygen uptake) is … CONTINUE READING

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