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December 2020

Advanced Practice Physical Therapy


All I Want for Christmas Is … Takeout? Yes, Please!

When you see a big pile of white and red Chinese takeout containers, what’s your first thought? Maybe your mind leaps to “movie night,” “game day,” or even “hangover cure.” All of those would be pretty normal reactions, but if you sat someone from my family of six down in front of that spread, I guarantee their first thought … CONTINUE READING

Perfect Fit

Buying the wrong shoes can have a profound impact on your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and lower back. If you don’t get the right support, it can affect the health of several areas throughout your legs. Adversely, buying good shoes can help you maintain better health through these same areas. It just comes down to finding the … CONTINUE READING

Physical Therapy Before Surgery?

Physical therapy has become a common part of most post-surgery rehabilitation routines. However, did you know that going through physical therapy prior to your surgery can benefit your recovery process as well? Strange as it might sound, strengthening your muscles and joints before surgery — after which they’ll most certainly be weaker — can ensure that you recover faster. This is called “prehabilitation,” … CONTINUE READING

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