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February 2021

Advanced Practice Physical Therapy


PT Anna Stoick’s Valentine’s Day Tips for Heart Health

Hey there, it’s Anna! So much has happened since I last wrote you one of these newsletters in July. The world finally said goodbye to 2020, Advanced Practice PT celebrated its ninth anniversary, and most importantly of all (at least to me), I got a new last … CONTINUE READING

Your Guide to Cooking Oil

Cooking oils have experienced a renaissance in recent decades. Today, health experts point to oils as essential sources of key vitamins and nutrients. So, why did we ever give up oils in the first place? Well, not all oil is created equal! Some cooking oils are good for you while others should be enjoyed  … CONTINUE READING

You’re Building Muscle While You Rest

February is the month when many of us give up on New Year’s resolutions. We lose motivation, or life simply gets in the way. If you find yourself sitting on the couch more than you did in January, when you may have been actively pursuing your fitness goals, consider this permission to sit a little while longer: Rest days are good for you! Here’s … CONTINUE READING

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January 2021

Advanced Practice Physical Therapy


Goal-Setting Tips from a Fitness Expert

When I was a kid, I used to play every sport under the sun. Volleyball, basketball, track and field — I loved them all! Health and fitness were my passions back then, and they’re still front and center for me today as a physical therapist. Considering that, it’s probably no surprise that I … CONTINUE READING

Don’t Shy Away From Talking About Your Pelvic Floor

It can be awkward to talk about, but pelvic floor health can have a significant impact on your lifestyle and happiness. For many, the pelvic floor is a source of pain and incontinence, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Your pelvic floor is just like any other body part; with proper strength, it can … CONTINUE READING

Are You Up for a Challenge?

Everyone’s done it. We’ve rung in the new year on the promise that this is our year to get healthy. We’re going to finally lose the weight, eat healthier, and feel better than ever. Sadly, many of us … CONTINUE READING

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