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Newsletter – January/February 2023

Join Kate for Our 6-Week Fitness Workshop

Hey, guys — it’s Kate, and I’m officially back from maternity leave! I’ve been back since October, but I know I might not have seen you yet. I’m looking forward to catching up and sharing photos of my sweet son, John, the next time you stop into the clinic …


Volunteer to Stay Active

Staying active is increasingly vital to our health as we age. But pain, injury, or the lack of an exercise location can limit how we keep fit. But luckily, there is an easy way to have an active lifestyle without lifting weights or joining a gym: volunteer! Here are three reasons volunteering can be your new favorite exercise if you’re looking to …


3 Easy Ways to Exercise This Winter

According to the Hope for Depression Research Foundation, depression affects 10% of Americans annually. And since the disorder doesn’t pick favorites, anyone can suffer from its melancholy grasp. But there are things people can do to help. In fact, exercise has been known to help, but what if people are limited on time or motivation? …


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Newsletter – November/December 2022

Donna’s Tips for Safer Shoveling
This September, Hurricane Ian reminded me that I have a lot to be thankful for. My daughter (Erin), her husband (Russell), and their two children live about an hour outside of Fort Myers, Florida. It’s hard to believe that the hurricane passed right over them! …


Is Your Head in a Fog?
Do you ever feel as if your head is in the clouds? Brain fog due to stress can make it difficult to retain information, remember little details, concentrate, and react quickly. If your mind feels a little sluggish and a bit off, here are some tips to get you feeling like yourself again …


5 Signs You’re Doing Too Much Cardio

If you love the results you see from your cardio workouts, it’s possible you might want to increase how often you work out. But too much of a good thing can be detrimental, which includes cardio!

Here are five signs you’re doing too much cardio and need to give your routine a breather …


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Newsletter – September/October 2022

Good News for Grandparents
Did you know that right now in the U.S., 2.8 million kids are living with their grandparents full time? I was surprised to find out so many people over 50 have signed up for parenting round two, but maybe I shouldn’t have been. After all, I meet full-time grandparents every day in our clinic. They usually come to us because they’re having trouble keeping up with their grandkids and getting on and off the floor, and they want …


How Physical Therapy Fights Diabetes
Many people know you go to a physical therapist if you’ve sustained an injury, but did you know physical therapy can also treat diabetes? Here’s how PT can make a diabetic patient’s life better, one session at a time …


Find Your Balance
Though we may not always think about it, balance is essential to just about everything we do in our daily routines. From simply getting out of bed, leaning over to tie our shoes, or even walking to the mailbox, we need good balance to keep ourselves steady while performing normal tasks …


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Newsletter – July/August 2022

Summer Wisdom From Our New Receptionist

Hey there! My name is Casey Bartter, and I’m the newest receptionist at Advanced Practice PT.

Don’t worry, Leslie isn’t going anywhere — I’m just here to help her out and make sure she gets a lunch break every now and then. Even front desk superheroes need to eat!

Leslie and I have been working closely together since …


4 Common Summertime Injuries PT Can Help Alleviate

Summer is a fun, exciting time of year. However, it can also lead to being less careful than usual because of all the fun activities we participate in! Here are some common summer injuries to try and avoid …


Try These Easy, Healthy Microhabits

Creating a new habit can feel like an enormous hurdle, but the most successful attempts often start with very small steps. Try these very small commitments — they could make a big difference, and even develop into more dedicated habits …


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Newsletter – January/February 2022


The Real Solution to Incontinence

Laughing, sneezing, playing sports — those are just a few of the everyday activities that become difficult and embarrassing when you’re struggling with incontinence. It feels awful to lose control of your bladder, and it’s even harder to manage if you’re dealing with pelvic pain at the same time … CONTINUE READING

3 Things to Include in Your Post-Workout Meal

There’s plenty of emphasis lately on what you should eat before a workout, but not so much about after a workout. What you eat after exercising is just as essential for maximizing your workout’s effectiveness. After intensive exercise, many of us will feel hungry and turn to just about anything to satiate our hunger, but the wrong food could negate the effects of our workouts … CONTINUE READING

3 Warning Signs You Should Stop Exercising Now!

As we enter 2022, many people are putting their New Year’s resolutions into place. Getting in shape and going to the gym on a regular basis are popular goals every year. But we all know getting in shape is much easier said than done. We need determination and an extensive routine to meet the fitness goals we set up at the beginning of the year … CONTINUE READING

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Newsletter – November/December 2021


3 Holiday Wellness Tips From Kate

Last winter, my husband, Ross, and I strapped on big, awkward snowshoes and set off into the mountains. The shoes let us skim over the banks like hares! Even though it was a cold and cloudy day, we explored Montana’s beautiful backcountry for hours and snapped a picture to remember it by.

I haven’t been in Montana long enough to take adventures like that for granted yet, and I hope that I never will … CONTINUE READING

Determination Through the Recovery Process

Earlier this year, Alex Smith retired from the NFL after helping the Washington Football Team achieve an NFC East title last year — but that’s not what most people will remember him for. Rather, they will remember Smith for fighting through one of the worst injuries ever sustained by a player in the history of the game … CONTINUE READING

Should You Work Out on Thanksgiving Day?

Okay, fess up — which of your friends insists on getting a 5-mile run in before the turkey is carved? We all know someone who works out every year on Thanksgiving. The thought is that if you burn calories in the morning, the big meal won’t hit you so hard. But is that really true? And if it is, when and how should you get sweaty … CONTINUE READING

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Newsletter – September/October 2021


Lessons Learned From a Crushed Finger

If you’ve been a longtime reader of our newsletter (or just talked to me a lot at the reception desk), you might remember that years and years ago, I used to work in a jewelry manufacturing plant. I worked with big, dangerous machines creating rings for corporations and events. Then, one day in 1988, one of those machines … CONTINUE READING

Why You Should Cry

Ronda Rousey is tough. She was the first American woman to earn a medal in the Olympics for judo, and she was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame to commemorate her six titles. Rousey is noted for her physical and mental toughness, so it might surprise you to learn that … CONTINUE READING

The Secret Sauce

One upside to spending more than a year at home was that many people donned their aprons, learned new recipes and techniques, and began cooking meals regularly in their own kitchens. Even as restaurants reopen, over 70% of Americans say they’ll keep their new habit of cooking at home because it’s healthier and cheaper. That said, the average American can only whip up about five meals without a recipe at hand, and many people cook and eat the same types of … CONTINUE READING

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Newsletter – July/August 2021


Krista’s Tips for a Pain-Free Road Trip

Since moving to Montana from South Carolina, I’ve realized that camping is the thing to do for entertainment in the summertime. I’ve also discovered that to do it in style — especially with three dogs — it helps to have a … CONTINUE READING

Celebrity Chefs Prove Flexitarianism Is Delicious

America is the land of the free and home of one of the world’s highest per capita meat-consuming cultures. While veganism and plant-based diets seem to be trending among celebrities from Beyonce to Bill Clinton, most Americans are not ready to relinquish their burgers and bacon entirely. A recent Gallup poll found that the percentage of Americans who identify as vegetarian or vegan has barely shifted in the last 20 years, holding steady at 5% and 3% … CONTINUE READING

Kickboard Pool Exercises

If the heat of the summer is zapping your energy and motivation to exercise, it’s probably time to head to the pool to cool down and get moving without breaking a sweat. While swimming laps is a great low-impact exercise, there are many other ways to work out in the water. And there’s one humble, versatile, and widely available piece of equipment that can provide a full-body water workout: a foam … CONTINUE READING

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Newsletter – June 2021


How I Saved My Husband’s Life

One of the scariest moments of my life happened in May 2019. It was an ordinary weeknight, and I’d just gotten home from work. I went down to the basement to say hello to my husband, Scott, who was working out on our stationary bike. We chatted for a few minutes, and I left him to continue his workout.

Then, I heard it: A loud thump from the basement … CONTINUE READING

A Surprising Way to Fight Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is an ailment that continues to baffle us, even as we learn more about it than ever before. Doctors and scientists have made huge strides in understanding and fighting Alzheimer’s, especially in the past three decades. But for everything learned, more questions must be asked. Sometimes, things just work, and we aren’t sure why. For a long time, exercise and physical therapy were … CONTINUE READING

Did You Know Archery Can Keep You Fit?

Martial arts get added to the list of activities we can’t do as we age, right? Unless you’re doing tai chi or aikido, most people think there’s no place in contact sports for aging folks.

Except, as it turns out … CONTINUE READING

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Newsletter – April 2021


Dawn Says Goodbye to Advanced Practice PT

Sometimes, the hardest decisions in life turn out to be the best ones. That’s how I feel about my choice to leave Advanced Practice PT and start at Peak West Bank Landing later this month. After spending nine years building this clinic from the ground up with Donna and Andrea, it was a tough call to make, but I think it’s the right one for all of … CONTINUE READING

Caring for Pets Brings Health and Happiness

As people grow older, they’re more likely to find themselves at home with less company. If your family members live far away or you have physical limitations that make it difficult to leave the house, you may be at an increased risk of experiencing loneliness. This is why adopting an animal can be so helpful. Pets offer comfort and love, and many encourage physical activity. Integrating a pet into your life as you grow older can be just what you need to lift your spirit and keep you … CONTINUE READING

Did You Know Archery Can Keep You Fit?

The word “fitness” brings to mind a number of images: jogging, cycling, lifting weights — the list goes on and on. However, people rarely think of archery. This activity has been around for thousands of years, and a bow used to be a key weapon in hunting and war. Today, archery is most often practiced as a sport, and it confers many health benefits you may not be aware … CONTINUE READING

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