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Newsletter – January/February 2023

Join Kate for Our 6-Week Fitness Workshop

Hey, guys — it’s Kate, and I’m officially back from maternity leave! I’ve been back since October, but I know I might not have seen you yet. I’m looking forward to catching up and sharing photos of my sweet son, John, the next time you stop into the clinic …


Volunteer to Stay Active

Staying active is increasingly vital to our health as we age. But pain, injury, or the lack of an exercise location can limit how we keep fit. But luckily, there is an easy way to have an active lifestyle without lifting weights or joining a gym: volunteer! Here are three reasons volunteering can be your new favorite exercise if you’re looking to …


3 Easy Ways to Exercise This Winter

According to the Hope for Depression Research Foundation, depression affects 10% of Americans annually. And since the disorder doesn’t pick favorites, anyone can suffer from its melancholy grasp. But there are things people can do to help. In fact, exercise has been known to help, but what if people are limited on time or motivation? …


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