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Newsletter – July/August 2022

Summer Wisdom From Our New Receptionist

Hey there! My name is Casey Bartter, and I’m the newest receptionist at Advanced Practice PT.

Don’t worry, Leslie isn’t going anywhere — I’m just here to help her out and make sure she gets a lunch break every now and then. Even front desk superheroes need to eat!

Leslie and I have been working closely together since …


4 Common Summertime Injuries PT Can Help Alleviate

Summer is a fun, exciting time of year. However, it can also lead to being less careful than usual because of all the fun activities we participate in! Here are some common summer injuries to try and avoid …


Try These Easy, Healthy Microhabits

Creating a new habit can feel like an enormous hurdle, but the most successful attempts often start with very small steps. Try these very small commitments — they could make a big difference, and even develop into more dedicated habits …


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