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Newsletter – November/December 2021


3 Holiday Wellness Tips From Kate

Last winter, my husband, Ross, and I strapped on big, awkward snowshoes and set off into the mountains. The shoes let us skim over the banks like hares! Even though it was a cold and cloudy day, we explored Montana’s beautiful backcountry for hours and snapped a picture to remember it by.

I haven’t been in Montana long enough to take adventures like that for granted yet, and I hope that I never will … CONTINUE READING

Determination Through the Recovery Process

Earlier this year, Alex Smith retired from the NFL after helping the Washington Football Team achieve an NFC East title last year — but that’s not what most people will remember him for. Rather, they will remember Smith for fighting through one of the worst injuries ever sustained by a player in the history of the game … CONTINUE READING

Should You Work Out on Thanksgiving Day?

Okay, fess up — which of your friends insists on getting a 5-mile run in before the turkey is carved? We all know someone who works out every year on Thanksgiving. The thought is that if you burn calories in the morning, the big meal won’t hit you so hard. But is that really true? And if it is, when and how should you get sweaty … CONTINUE READING

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