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Newsletter – September/October 2021


Lessons Learned From a Crushed Finger

If you’ve been a longtime reader of our newsletter (or just talked to me a lot at the reception desk), you might remember that years and years ago, I used to work in a jewelry manufacturing plant. I worked with big, dangerous machines creating rings for corporations and events. Then, one day in 1988, one of those machines … CONTINUE READING

Why You Should Cry

Ronda Rousey is tough. She was the first American woman to earn a medal in the Olympics for judo, and she was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame to commemorate her six titles. Rousey is noted for her physical and mental toughness, so it might surprise you to learn that … CONTINUE READING

The Secret Sauce

One upside to spending more than a year at home was that many people donned their aprons, learned new recipes and techniques, and began cooking meals regularly in their own kitchens. Even as restaurants reopen, over 70% of Americans say they’ll keep their new habit of cooking at home because it’s healthier and cheaper. That said, the average American can only whip up about five meals without a recipe at hand, and many people cook and eat the same types of … CONTINUE READING

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