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Newsletter – September/October 2022

Good News for Grandparents
Did you know that right now in the U.S., 2.8 million kids are living with their grandparents full time? I was surprised to find out so many people over 50 have signed up for parenting round two, but maybe I shouldn’t have been. After all, I meet full-time grandparents every day in our clinic. They usually come to us because they’re having trouble keeping up with their grandkids and getting on and off the floor, and they want …


How Physical Therapy Fights Diabetes
Many people know you go to a physical therapist if you’ve sustained an injury, but did you know physical therapy can also treat diabetes? Here’s how PT can make a diabetic patient’s life better, one session at a time …


Find Your Balance
Though we may not always think about it, balance is essential to just about everything we do in our daily routines. From simply getting out of bed, leaning over to tie our shoes, or even walking to the mailbox, we need good balance to keep ourselves steady while performing normal tasks …


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